Vodafone SIM Only Deals with Free Nokia C3

Mobile Phone industry is becoming almost impossible to keep a track of. We have just seen last year and this year the launch of Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia E7, BlackBerry Bold and many more, but within 6 months to one year we now see the upgraded versions of the phone. You might love your phone and by now you must have got used to it and you do not want a change, but you spend a lot on top-up, so Vodafone SIM Only Deals would be your best alternative because you can also get a Free Nokia C3 phone along with it. Is it worth playing catch up games with this fast moving industry?

Why Vodafone SIM Only Deals are the best in Market?

Vodafone SIM Only Deals with Free Nokia C3

Vodafone SIM Only Deals Free Nokia C3

If you are looking for a cheaper pay monthly contract maybe for a shorter period of time and you may be waiting for a latest handset on which you have your eyes on and want to upgrade when it launches, or may be you either need more minutes or more texts or even combination of both then Vodafone sim only deals would be ideal for you.

With Vodafone you can either sign up into a rolling sim only contract and also on a 12 month pay monthly sim only contracts, the difference would be that on a 1 month rolling contract you are free to upgrade or terminate your contract with a 30 day notice, on the other hand you are binding yourself onto a 12 month period. The second option of 12 month gives you more minutes probably for the same amount you would be paying on 1 month rolling contract.

With the 12 months Vodafone sim only deals not only you get more minutes and texts, you can also claim a free gift “Nokia C3″ on a very limited period when you sign up to any of the 12 month Vodafone sim only deals from £20.50 a month. (offer valid till 31/10/2011)

How do I claim Free Nokia C3 phone with Vodafone SIM Only Deals?

In our previous post “10 Steps to Claim Free Gift for Mobile Phone SIM Only Deals” we went through step by step on how to order the 12 months Vodafone sim only deals and how to use promotional codes to claim free phones such as Sony Ericsson Spiro and Samsung E2550, now to claim the Nokia C3 fully QWERTY phone (worth £84.99 from Amazon) simply replace the promotional code to nokiapink during checkout. Remember you do not pay any additional amount for the phone, you just pay for the monthly sim only package as advertised.

Just to update, this deal is very limited and Vodafone can stop it at any time, so make the most of this deal as you get completely free phone just for ordering the 12 months Vodafone sim only deals from £20.50 a month. Normally, sim only deals do not come with a free phone, but if you are not looking for a new phone, and you are happy with what you have, why not get it for free with this deal, and you could give it as a free gifts to your friends and family.



Vodafone SIM Only Deals with Free Nokia C3

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