Unlimited Minutes SIM Only Deals for Top 5 Mobile Phones

As we know that we have many talkers and texters who are constantly looking for deals that matches their needs and their budget. Many network companies in UK always thrive to bring the best of the deals with various combinations suitable for talkers and texters and even both. Today we will look at the Unlimited Minutes SIM Only Deal from 3 Mobile netwok and why it’s best for top 5 mobile phones.

10 Reasons Why Unlimited Minutes SIM Only Deal is the Best from 3 Mobile?

Compare The Unlimited Minutes SIM Only Deals from 3

With the comparison of the best sim in the UK market for unlimited minutes, 3 mobile takes the top sport with their “The One Plan SIM Only” package proving to be the perfect package for unlimited minutes. Why?
1. The One Plan not only gives you 2000 UK minutes any time any network but also gives you 5000 calls to 3 to 3 as well.

2. 3 mobile unlimited minutes sim only package allows you to call MVNO companies such as Nomi, Lyca and Libera networks whereas all the other networks do charge for these calls to these MVNO networks.

3. The One Plan also gives you 5000 UK Texts along with the 2000 minutes to other UK networks.

4. 3 Mobile network is the only network that allows you to block your account with zero credit limit. This means that you will never be allowed to go over your allowed minutes, texts and internet data and thus avoid you to get bill shock.

5. The One Plan sim deal offers Free Voicemail unlike other networks which charges for voicemails.

6. This SIM allows you to access Skype if you use a 3 mobile Skype enabled mobile phone, but if you use the sim on any other 3G enable handset then you can download the Skype and use it to make voice calls and video calls as you have unlimited internet access as part of the unlimited minutes sim only package.

7. This SIM is on a 1 month rolling contract, which means you can terminate it at any time if you wish to or you can upgrade after 3 months of paying your bills to a 24 months contract with free phone on any of the top 5 mobile phones from 3.

8. 3 Mobile is the largest 3G network with 98% network coverage, so the unlimited minutes sim only package would give you the best of the 3G services such as faster internet, clear voice and other better communication compared to other 2G networks in UK.

9. If you have a number which you want to keep when you move to 3 Mobile you can do so and the service is free. Simple obtain your PAC code (migration code) from your existing network provider and then fill in the online form in 3 mobile website support section and within 24 to 48 hours the number will move over.

10. 3 Mobile network have been awarded several awards from YouGov as No. 1 rated network for Mobile Broadband, rated No. 1 network for Mobile Internet Speed and Value, rated No.1 network for Value, Internet Speed and Reliability for iPhones.

When other networks advertise the term unlimited minutes is not truly “unlimited” because there is a fair usage policy attached with it. Those small print strings are often unseen or untold and as a result 3 mobile advertise all these packages without using the unlimited term and specify the correct figure such as the 2000 UK minutes or 5000 UK texts rather than unlimited minutes or texts. This avoids confusion between customers as they often ends up in paying for unknown terms and conditions.

What are the Top 5 Mobiles Phones with Unlimited Minutes SIM Only Package?

When you do decide to get The One Plan SIM only deal you would need an unlock 3G enabled handset, but if you wish to get a 3 mobile handset then we do recommend these Top 5 mobile phones to get with your unlimited minutes sim only package.

Recommended Top 5 Mobile Phones from 3 Mobile Network:
1. iPhone 4S 32GB Black
2. iPhone 4 16GB Black
3. HTC Wildfire S Black
4. Samsung Galaxy S II Black
5. Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

The One Plan gives you:
2000 minutes any time any network
+ 5000 UK texts
+ 5000 3 to 3 calls
+ All you can eat data (Unlimited Internet with no fair usage policy)

The above Top 5 mobiles phones all have wide screens that allows you to use the complete package of The One Plan Unlimited Minutes SIM Only deal. These phones are also good for texts and battery life, so you can enjoy the package to its full extend.


Unlimited Minutes SIM Only Deals for Top 5 Mobile Phones

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