The One Plan on 3 Mobile – UK Best SIM Only Deals

Looks like the week passes very quick as last Friday we looked into the 10 Christmas Gift Ideas were we researched Top 10 Free Gifts to go with your new smartphone. This week we will have a look at The One Plan on 3 sim only and how this simple change in the packages makes life easy for the UK people.

Why The One Plan on 3 Introduced – SIM or with Mobile?

Get The One Plan on 3 SIM Only Now

For many years people were being controlled by these Top 5 mobile phone networks (3 mobile, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and O2) who designed packages with small terms and conditions that made them grow on year to year.

These packages scared a lot of us, as most of us were not sure whether a particular move or use of a function on the smartphones would incur an extra charge. We were basically controlled how we used these packages and how they would charge us when they liked.

It was almost impossible to learn how the data allowance were used and how to understand like the minutes that you use per month or the number of texts that you send and even control when need to, so that you do not exceed the allowance and pay what you signed for. The terms gigabytes, megabytes, fair use policy and even roaming polices scares people as there are no way to measure it and it’s been always a mystery among us.

To take the stress out of people and allow to use the smartphones the way they liked such as to download, upload, browse, surf and all the other stuffs that is practically possible to do with the smartphones that are just becoming the demand of the people.

The One Plan on 3 Mobile   UK Best SIM Only Deals

The One Plan on 3

So to introduce complete peace of mind 3 mobile in July 2010 have decided to shake the mobile industry with an amazing package that contains everything you could possibly need in a particular package. They call it The One Plan on 3 making them market leaders for sim only deals and also on pay monthly contracts with a free mobile phones.

With The One Plan on 3, you can enjoy 2000 UK any time any network minutes with extra 5000 3 to 3 calling minutes + 5000 UK texts and the best of all is the all-you-can-eat data allowance with no fair usage policy unlike other networks.

With the all-you-can-eat there are no restrictions and no nasty policies, hidden data caps and other terms limiting your freedom to use your smartphone to do things you always desire without any worry of the costs and extra bills.

Is The One Plan on 3 only Available on 12 or 24 Months Contract?

No. When The One Plan on 3 was introduced it was available on all the 24 months contract with free mobile phone and 12 months on a sim only contract. But 3 mobile have taken another bigger step giving their competitors a bigger blow by making the deal available on a 1 month rolling contract.

With a huge investment and heavy marketing this move gave 3 mobile an easy route to enter hard into the sim only deals competing with Orange, T-Mobile and O2 making it the biggest 3G network promising not only freedom, quantity of data allowance but quality too.

The One Plan on 3 can be used as a host spot via your smartphone by using it as a modem to allow internet tethering as the package has all-you-can-eat internet data allowance and with no data restriction you to use as much as you can and you will never have to pay a single penny more than contracted.

If you are looking to get the most of your smartphones, and you want to be stress free, download, browse and work without bill shock fear then the “The One Plan on 3” is highly recommended either on a pay monthly contract or on sim only contracts.


The One Plan on 3 Mobile   UK Best SIM Only Deals

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