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Best HTC Phone

Understanding the Best HTC Phone and Its Reasons

HTC is not just a mobile manufacturing company, but is a brand who has been successful in establishing its name on the hearts of millions over the world. The reason of their popularity is because they are sophisticated to use and provide a great deal of efficiency. Best HTC phone comes with latest features, including [...]


Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs HTC Sensation – Can the New Galaxy Nexus Beat the HTC Smartphone?

Galaxy Nexus vs HTC Sensation are two of the most expensive handsets from manufacturers of Samsung and HTC. The Galaxy Nexus was released on the month of November 2011, whereas the HTC Sensation on the month of May 2011. Can the new Galaxy Nexus beat the HTC Sensation smartphone between Galaxy Nexus vs HTC Sensation?


Compare HTC Sensation XE vs iPhone 4S

Most of us have heard about Apples iPhone 4S and HTC’s new Sensation XE and we know that both are high end devices with high price tags to them, HTC Sensation XE vs iPhone 4S are face to face against each other where we will find out whether the HTC or the Apple’s creation wins.


HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio – Feel the Music with High Difinition Earphones

HTC Sensation XE also known as HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio is another product from the Sensation series which we know has made quite a good position in the market. The HTC Sensation XE does come with a standard look but is loaded with great features and falls in the higher range of smartphones. [...]