T-Mobile Groove – Do your Social Networking in Style

T-Mobile Groove is a phone that comes in the color of black and has a shape that of a sleek bar. The device comes with lots of features that allow you to stay in touch friends and family along with web browsing, listening to high quality music on the radio or MP3 along with capturing decent quality images and recording videos with its wonderful camera. The T-Mobile Groove occupies a 3.2 megapixel camera that can take pictures individually and also supports continuous shooting.  While at a party or at your home, you can capture quality images of your friends and families through its camera.

Internal memory of the T-Mobile Groove is that of 256 MB and comes with an expandable memory slot to store all your downloads, music, videos etc. Social integration support can also be found in the device with Facebook and Twitter being pre-installed and not to forget using the built-in Wi-Fi to tweet, tag and post to your heart’s content.

T-Mobile Groove – Touchscreen and Features:

T Mobile Groove   Do your Social Networking in StyleThe T-Mobile Groove does have a great design to it which is added to the beautiful 3.0 inches WQA TFT resistive color touchscreen that gives output to objects with clarity. The device comes with depth of 11.2 mm, height of 105.7 mm and weighs 52.5 mm. Browsing on the phone can be done making use of EDGE internet connectivity on the Opera mini, which already comes with the device and is known to be among the best mobile browsers. Sending SMS and MMS is very easy because of its standard keyboard that will also come handy while browsing the internet.  The T-Mobile Groove also has Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to share between all types of media between two compatible devices.

The T-Mobile Groove has storage of up to 60 call records and has 10 preset ringtones, 5 user defined ringtones and up to 64 chord ringtones for you to choose from. You can keep yourself informed of an incoming call without others noticing with the vibrating alert option in the phone.

T-Mobile Groove – Entertainment and Network Abilities:

The T-Mobile Groove’s entertainment is provided by through a built-in MP3 player and FM radio through which you can listen to all your favorite music and keep track of the news on the hour. There are 3 preinstalled games that you can enjoy playing in your free time. The T-Mobile Groove allows you to use the device when you are out of town as it comes with the Quadband option. There is also the GPS function that can assist you when you are having difficulty locating your position or going towards an unknown destination. Battery of the T-Mobile Groove has stamina of up to 280 hours of standby time and up to 200 minutes of talk time.

The T-Mobile Groove comes with a very low price tag, you may come across lots of deals attached with the phone making it easy for you to purchase. Lastly the 312 MHz CPU that has speed of ARM 9 is perfect to handle all the running applications and services of the T-Mobile Groove.

T Mobile Groove   Do your Social Networking in Style

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