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We are introducing guest post features for all our related website over the internet.

Top 5 Mobiles is a content based website for mobiles, sim, credit score, gifts with mobile phones and so on.

If you are interesting in submitting a guest blog than following are the requirements.

1. The content should be written for us, we don’t write content
2. The content should be related to mobile phones, SIM, 3 network, gifts with electronic item, credit score and other electronic technologies
3. The content should be high quality unique content, as we double check the content before adding the content to our website. No Duplicate content is accepted it any shape or form
4. The content should have minimum of 400+ words and unique high quality
5. The keywords density in the content should be 1-2% max
6. You have to provide us everything like Title of the content, Body of the content and the back link
7. The content should not have any spelling and grammar error, please double check everything and than provide us
8. And we charge £20 per content with one contextual backlink for lifetime in our website.

Our other websites we you also submit a guest post with the same above condition and requirement

1. XRANGE Gifts is also content based website for technologies and electronics so we only accept the content which are related to us

2. Top 5 Broadband is content based website for UK Home Broadband, Mobile Broadband, Business Broadband, VOIP and Laptops only so we only accept the content which are related to us

3. Top Sim Only Deals is a content based website for UK SIM Only Deals so we only accept content we are related to our topic

4. Mobiles and Tablets is content based website for Mobiles, Tablets, Credit Score, SIM and FREE Gifts so we only accept the content which are related to us

If you follow the above condition and requirement than please fill the form below with all the details and we will send the details how to pay us. We accept Paypal payment or if you are in UK we also accept bank transfer and please do also provide us which website you want submit your content.

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