Samsung Tocco Lite Hard Reset Simple Steps

The Samsung Tocco Lite is one of the best creations of the company that has been doing exceptionally well. It is definitely a reliable device, but things could go wrong at times requiring you to perform a hard reset.

Owners of the Samsung Tocco Lite love to tweak and customize their device to the maximum. Those who have experienced the handset to freeze at times or those who want to clear all of your personal details are suggested to perform a hard reset. Let us find out the things to note and processes for performing the hard reset.

For those who are willing to hard reset their phone must understand that you will lose everything on your device, which is why we suggest doing a soft reset first.

Samsung Tocco Lite Hard Reset Simple Steps

Samsung Tocco Lite Hard Reset

You can hard reset your Samsung Tocco Lite in three ways. If your phone is still operation go for the first process, if it has crashed and is not responding, we suggest you to try the second process after not responding better then try to the third process.

Process 1:

  • Press Volume key
  • Camera Key
  • Power key together

Process 2:

  • Press Menu Key
  • Settings
  • Reset Settings
  • Select all and select yes

Process 3:

Use this method to Samsung Tocco Lite Hard Reset: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning all your data including contacts, messages etc will be lost. Before full hard reset copy all your necessary data, massages etc to SIM or make backup to your PC also take out SIM card.

Samsung Tocco Lite owners can now hard reset their phone without any tension because the step by step guide is very simple and easy to understand.

Samsung Tocco Lite Hard Reset Simple Steps

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