Samsung Galaxy Nexus Built with Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest and greatest of the Android Operating System’s that is to be found in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Those individuals and groups behind Android try their level best to deliver the operating system into phones even before their release. These teams try to get the latest version of the Android operating system into phones before Google does, and are ready to do take the challenge every time there is a new release.

Porting the latest versions of the Android operating system, is an interesting thing to observe but isn’t an easy task for them to carry out, as there are lots of devices that do not go off successfully. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus among all these high end smartphones is equipped with the Ice Cream Sandwich of Android version 4.0.1.

How was the Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System Built?

The Ice Cream Sandwich was mended together using the information coming from the emulator inside the Android Software Development Kit. The perfect end result of Google’s upcoming OS to the previous Google Experience device was achieved by over one year of hacking and flashing cooked ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S. “Beezy”, a ROM cooker is the person who gets credit for building the Ice Cream Sandwich, who can be generally found across Android forums.

Due to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S already having soft keys, there is an absence of virtual buttons which is one of the first things worth noting here. From this point, we can presume that having a button-less environment is not a requirement for original equipment manufacturers like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But those who are not used to such types will have to wait for more Ice Cream Sandwich devices to be released which would likely have such options.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Built with Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System


Google+ Associated with Ice Cream Sandwich:

Since the Ice Cream Sandwich is from Google, they are concentrating highly on getting as many users on Google+ with their new startup procedures, which includes creating a Google+ account. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus S comes with a single-core CPU but the performance of the Ice Cream Sandwich is not limited in any way. Each and every function along with boot animation and navigation are extraordinarily smooth.

After further investigating the Android SDK powered ROM, a check box was discovered which was able to activate or deactivate targeted ads “based on your interests” on the new Android Market. This is a feature that is controlled by Google AdMob and is affected by any usage when you are logged on through the Google Account.

The Ice Cream Sandwich operating system comes with lots of functions that include, group chat and video hangout through the Google+ software, NFC technology, new browser functionality which is faster, easier similar to the Google Chrome, new contacts and social networking feature through which contact information is pulled from social networking connections and added to your contact cards.

Using the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be very enjoying because of added functions, features and many more. There is always the Android Market from which you can download the thousands of apps, games and software’s.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Built with Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System

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