Mobile Phones could soon Feature 3D Cameras

Consumers love new and exciting types of technology, and 3D is certainly no exception. This is a type of image capturing that is still beyond many technology users however, and is mainly used in cinema as a new way of improving the look and feel of films. However, now it looks as though this type of technology might not be as far away from everyday consumers as they may have previously thought.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, researchers have come up with a way that may enable 3D cameras to be introduced into mobile phones, in a find that may change the face of communication and everyday image capturing.

The new technology involves a ‘time-of-flight’ system that has been developed to produce detailed 3D images. This uses a photodetector that is cheap and the processor power that already exists in smartphones. So whether a phone is on contract for a year, or on the O2 Simplicity Price plan, as long as it has the processing power, it should be able to carry a 3D camera. It is possible for this new system to function with a one-pixel camera, because it uses a single light detector. This is much more affordable than other devices that carry 3D cameras and should thus prove much more profitable.

If this continuing research is a success, it is likely to prove very popular with consumers. The researchers have found a way to add a third dimension to the depth map of small cameras, by using a technique that is called parametric signal processing. The telecoms company Qualcomm has now given the team at MIT a $100,000 Innovation Fellowship grant so that they can continue their research into this technology and hopefully come out with some fantastic results.


Mobile Phones could soon Feature 3D Cameras

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