iPhone 4 Skype Video Call Feature on The One Plan from 3 network

Long gone are the days when communications were done by posts or via telegraph. With the advance in telecommunications things have changed dramatically and its now accessible via a touch of a button. Skype introduced to the world one of the best medium to communicate for FREE as people spend millions even billions to do international communications to keep in touch with their loved ones. Today, we will learn iPhone 4 Skype Video Call features and how to get it installed, started and save money with Skype.

iPhone 4 Skype Video Call Feature on The One Plan from 3 network

iPhone 4 Skype Video Call

When Apple announced during WWDC 2010 event, Apple iPhone 4 to launch with advanced features called “FaceTime” that allows video calling functionality between iPhone 4 users only, it was also a crucial time for Skype to work with Apple and open up the video calling feature for iPhone 4 as millions of users around the world use iPhones today.

On June 2011, iPhone 4 Skype video call feature was available to download on all iPhone or iPod touch for free just like Skype on your computer. To make video calls on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, 3G iPod Touch and 4G iPod touch you will need Skype for iPhone version 3.0 and above, which is available from App Store to download. Also you have to make sure that your device is running iOS 4.0 and you have no restrictions on internet usage from your network.


How do I Start iPhone 4 Skype Video Call Feature?

After you have installed the Skype for iPhone 3.0 and above on your enabled iPhone or iPod Touch follow the steps below to make video call on iPhone 4 through Skype.
> Click the Skype icon on iPhone or iPhone Touch
> When Skype application opens and you are logged in, tap the Contacts to view your Skype contacts
> If a contact in the list has a video camera icon displayed next to their name they are running Skype on a device with a camera and they are enabled to receive and make video calls.
> Select the person you want to have video calling with, tap the Video Call button to start the iPhone 4 Skype video call feature.

The above steps will get you stated video calling on iPhone or iPod Touch devices, but please note you can not make video calls from the Skype dial pad neither send or receive instant messages during a video call.

Do I need to uninstall older verison of Skype to get iPhone 4 Skype video call feature?

If you have an older version of Skype in your iPhone you do not need to delete it to get the latest version. Go to App Store and search for Skype and if a new version is available then simply download it and it will upgrade the older version. You will need at least 22.6MB of free space to install the application in your device and remember to have iOS 4.0 or above installed in your device for Skype for iPhone to work.

Does iPhone 4 Skype Video Call feature uses lot of Internet Data?

Skype for iPhone uses streaming videos and as a result a high use of data is need by the application. One very important information you need to keep in mind when using iPhone 4 Skype video call feature that you need to have a plan that allows you to have unlimited internet access or else you will risk of running over your internet allowance and end up with an unexpected monthly bill.

Skype video calls can be done over a WiFi or 3G connection and the quality of the video call depends entirely on the network you are connected to. 3 Mobile network offers one the best pay monthly package “The One Plan” which comes with all-you-can-eat internet data on a 24 month contract with iPhone 4 or on a 1 month sim only contract and is the best for iPhone 4 Skype video call option and is highly recommended if you are looking to make video calls.

iPhone 4 Skype Video Call Feature on The One Plan from 3 network

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