How to Open iPhone 4 SIM Tray

Apple is a company that does not require much of an introduction, as they has been successfully manufacturing smartphones. One of the amazing inventions of this company is the iPhone 4 which is very attractive, blending high end technology with exceptional beauty to give users unique mobile experience. If you are owner of this device then you need to know that How to Open iPhone 4 SIM Tray.

SIM is one of the vital components of iPhone 4. Generally, the SIM card will get stuck with tray and be impossible or extremely difficult to remove from the iPhone, making your life difficult, or the phone will refuse to connect to the SIM card and send you an error message stating something like no SIM card detected then you need to open this SIM tray. Changing SIM cards in this handset may cause a bit of pain, but is not impossible.

How to Open iPhone 4 SIM Tray

how to open iphone 4 sim

How to open iPhone 4 SIM tray, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the phone
  • The slot is located at the right side of the phone
  • Insert the pin into the small hole and push it slightly firmly until the tray pops-out. Now pull out the SIM card tray with your hands
  • Place your Micro SIM card into the SIM tray. Make sure it fits perfectly and the golden circuit side of SIM is faced downwards
  • Push the tray back into slot in the same manner you ejected it out. You’ll hear a click upon successfully placing the tray in its place
  • Wait for iPhone to recognize the SIM card.

SIM card is an important component of iPhone 4 and is a portable chip used for facilitation of mobile communication. Many owners face some difficulty when they want to open this handset SIM tray. In this article you get right answer about How to open iPhone 4 SIM Tray.


How to Open iPhone 4 SIM Tray

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