How to download Skype for Free in 3G Enabled Handsets

With the fast moving mobile industry, smartphones are ruling the communication channels. All the old phones specially in developed countries where people need access to their emails, documents, websites, business systems, blogs, ordering systems and many more are slowly moving to smartphones. This is mainly because smartphones are the way forward when communications are needed on the go. In this article we will learn step by step how to download skype for free in 3G enabled handsets.

How to download Skype for Free in 3G Enabled Handsets

How to download Skype for free

We have seen how few years back say 2008 when mobile broadband dongles were introduced into the UK market, it increased the demand for information on the go, and soon when it was also available from your phones such as Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy SII, Nokia X7, BlackBerry Bold 9900, LG Optimus 3D etc made even better for mobile communication. You have access to all you need with a click of a button.

3 Mobile network who are one of the biggest 3G network awarded several times for No 1 network for iPhone and smartphones allows their pay monthly customers and pay as you go customers to use Skype voice calls and video calling from their phones to other Skype users for free. This is an amazing package where you can literally save hundreds even thousands per year just by making your international calls via Skype.

Learn How to download Skype for Free for 3 Mobile handsets?

Skype which is now owned by Microsoft, can be accssed for most of the 3 mobile network handsets that allows you to make voice calls to other Skype users for FREE and it does not use your given data allowance. For example, if you are on a Text 500 and you have 1GB data allowance you can make free voice calls without using the 1GB allowance from your package, provided you are using a pre-installed Skype application on the phone or if you have downloaded from the Planet 3 in your 3 mobile. The official website has detailed information about the steps how to download skype for free on any enabled 3 mobile handset.

For the latest version of Skype-on-Three to install on 3 mobile handset, follow the steps below:
Planet 3 > Store > For more of our services > Email, Chat, Blog > Skype > Download here
Or go to on your phone and it will ask you to download the skype straight onto your phone.

How to download Skype for Free on non 3 mobile handsets?

If however, you purchase a 3 mobile and it does not support Skype, then you can download it from but it will use the 1GB data in our example for your Skype voice and video calls. You have to be extremely careful if you are going to use Skype in this method as you may risk of getting unexpected higher bills due to extra use of your data allowance, as Skype could take a lot of data allowance.

On the other hand if you use The One Plan from 3 mobile network which comes with all-you-can-eat data then you do not take any risk of using your data allowance as the plan do not have any fair-use policy nor does it have any data limit on it. This is the only plan which comes with truly unlimited data and can be used to make Skype voice calls, Skype call to landlines & mobiles and also on Skype video calling.

As you now know the difference between 2G and 3G enabled handsets and also learned how to download skype for free, so Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII are the three known handsets that allows to do Skype video calling. Also make sure that you take The One Plan if you do decide to make video calling on 3 network via Skype or else you risk running up your bills.

How to download Skype for Free in 3G Enabled Handsets

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