How to Check My Credit Rating Free for 30 Days

Credit rating is one of the most important factors people are now concerned about now a days. But almost 80% of the population of UK are unaware what is credit rating, credit score and credit report. There are 3 major credit reference agencies namely Experian, Equifax and CallCredit who hold your credit file and determine your credit rating based on your credit score. Can I check my credit rating free from these 3 credit agencies? Yes

How to Check My Credit Rating Free for 30 Days

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People think that by checking credit file it affects credit score. It’s not true, however if you apply several times for credit via various ┬ácompanies and each time a credit check is carried out it leaves a footprint on your file and could effect your credit score.

Every credit agency holds your financial informational details such as your credit card companies, banks, loan details, mortgages, IVA’s, CCJ’s, late payments, payments defaults or anything that could effect your credit are all recorded in your credit file.


How do I Check My Credit Rating FREE from these Credit Agencies?

There are lots of small to big credit reference companies in UK, but Experian are the largest credit rating agency followed by Equifax and then CallCredit to be the smallest of the three. When you apply for credit your do not know which credit agency they work with, so do not spend more time in finding out why you have less credit score, work on to find mistakes on the file and correct them.

All of these 3 agencies do have a pay monthly subscription packages to check credit rating free for 30 days, with exception of Quick Credit Score from CallCredit are offering free trials for 10 days only. We strongly recommend you to check all the three credit agencies so that you could compare and correct the small mistakes in all of them to build a better report.

> Quick Credit Score from CallCredit Free Trial
> Equifax 30 day free trial
> Credit Experts from Experian 30 day free trial

The reason you want to check your credit rating free in all these agencies because you do not know what is recorded by each company and what is effecting or could effect your credit score. These information recorded could effect your overall credit rating and you could be turn down when you apply for bigger credits in future.

How many times should I Check My Credit Rating?

Credit rating varies between these credit agencies and are all based on mathematical calculations done on your personal situations, your engagements with credit lenders, how you maintain it and also other several factors. Based on these information you are given a score called “credit score”. For example a 720 is a poor score in Experian and 349 or below is a poor in Equifax.

A credit score is a indication to your lenders whether you can maintain good re-payments and will not default, these decisions various from lenders to lenders since they will score you according to their application criteria and then they will cross reference with credit agencies such as Experian, Equifax and CallCredit.

So, its always advisable to keep an eye on your credit file once a year, when you move houses, when you miss a payment, when you change jobs, made any applications, purchased a car on credit or when you have applied several time and being turn down for credit. You by maintaining a good record your credit score will automatically get better improving your credit rating overall.

Are There Any Other Alternative Ways to Check My Credit Rating FREE?

Yes there are other ways to get free credit check without card details but you should be aware of the 10 valuable points that makes these 3 credit agencies Experian, Equifax and CallCredit the best source to get accurate and safe credit reports.

These 3 companies do require credit or debit card to get free trials but you are guaranteed to get an accurate information and 100% safe and up-to date records. We highly recommend you to get free trials from all the 3 agencies Experian, Equifax and CallCredit and correct and update information recorded about you if necessary.

We hope that this article “Check My Credit Rating FREE for 30 days” has helped you to better understand credit rating, credit score and credit reports and where to access them for free and the alternative ways without using credit or debit cards.



How to Check My Credit Rating Free for 30 Days

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