Credit Reference Agencies UK Based with Free Credit Check

With the emerging technology, demand among the UK population is increasing at a dramatic rate. There was a need for authorised agencies or authorities to handle the information about every individual that are residents of UK. Experian, Equifax and CallCredit are the three major Credit Reference Agencies UK based who holds every individual credit information in the UK.

Credit Reference Agencies UK Based with Free Credit Check

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With almost 70 million UK residents and growing everyday it is quite impossible for credit reference agencies to keep 100% accurate information about every individual. The information recorded are used by credit related lenders to find out accurate and up-to date details and to match with their criteria to accept or decline a credit application.

All 3 credit reference agencies UK based companies shares information between all credit lenders so that they can maintain accurate records of individuals. This helps lenders to minimize risks and frauds and ensure that when they give goods/services on credit such as mobile contracts, loans, mortgages, car finance, credit cards etc they can get it paid back in due time.

What Information Does Credit Reference Agencies UK Based Ones Hold?

Experian the largest among Equifax and CallCredit in UK are all 3 credit report monitoring companies that hold information that are shared with them by the lenders and along with this they hold other data from the Electoral Roll, Council, Banks, Mortgage lenders, GAIN (Gone Away Information Network), UK Mobile networks, CIFAS (UK Fraud Prevention Service), Debt Management Arrangements, Bankruptcies, IVA’s, CCJ’s, Country Court Judgements and also Searches of the credit file.

Each time you apply for credit from lending companies they make checks with these credit reference agencies UK bases ones records and find out more information about you and offer you the product/service based on your credit report and credit score.

Do these Credit Reference Agencies UK Based Offer Free Trials?

All three credit report companies offers you free trials to check your credit file and find out your credit score online. Quick Score Credit from CallCredit offers 10 days free trials and Credit Expert from Experian and Equifax both offers 30 days trials.

Since all of these companies are offering free trials we highly recommend you to sign up with all of them and find out if there are any differences and mistakes being recorded that could potentially harm your credit score as you are unaware of the company your lender would cross reference your credit file with.

If however you wish to check your credit file on an ongoing basis then we recommend you to keep the monthly subscription with one of the tree credit reference agencies UK based to keep yourself updated with any changes or mistakes being recorded.

What Shall I Do if One of Credit Reference Agencies UK Based Has Mistakes?

After you have signed for the free trials and you pointed out some incorrect information recorded in your credit file you should immediately call the credit report number mentioned and also email them with the correct information so these could be changed and updated for future reference.

To summarize, there are other credit reference agencies UK based ones where you can get free trials of your credit file but we highly recommend you the trusted and safest ones as mentioned in this article. These companies are highly regulated and you can expect to get accurate information about your credit file.

Credit Reference Agencies UK Based with Free Credit Check

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