Best SIM Only Deals for iPhone 4 Micro-SIM with Unlimited Data Allowance

iPhone 4 Micro-SIM is the only type of SIM that will fit in an Apple iPhone 4 as the slot for the SIM holder is very small compared to the Apple iPhone 3GS which takes a normal SIM card. Apple states that the reason the SIM card holder is made smaller as it gives more room for a bigger battery hence helping more battery life and longer user interactions.

Best SIM Only Deals for iPhone 4 Micro SIM with Unlimited Data Allowance

iPhone 4 Micro-SIM

iPhone 4 has almost 80% of the functions that are somewhat connected to the internet for it operations, such as the stock charts, app store, calendar, social media apps, maps and many more and as a result a constant reliable internet connections is ideal for iPhone 4. The normal sim that are used in other smartphones will not work in iPhone 4 and special iPhone 4 Micro-SIM cards are designed to work which allows to have more space for a larger battery helping to give more talk-time to the iPhone.

Unlimited Data Allowance can be seen in various ways. Most of the networks in UK term 1GB or 3GB as unlimited data allowance or unlimited internet. So in theory 1GB or 3GB can never be classed as unlimited as there is a fair use policies in place and you risk extra charges per month when you exceed the given data allowance.

When you are using Apple iPhone 4, you should chose an option which is fairly unlimited in it’s data allowance and we can recommend 3 Mobile iPhone 4 Micro-SIM One Plan package to be highly competitive in the market and one of the best in it’s package.

Can a Normal SIM be used as an iPhone 4 Micro-SIM?

No, a normal SIM card is not cut to micro-sim to fit into the iPhone 4. If you have a normal SIM and you want to change it to a iPhone 4 micro-sim, then you can either get it cut from any mobile phone shop or ask your network provider to SIM swap it for a iPhone 4 micro-sim. Normally the swap is free, but it all depends from network to network.

What Are the iPhone 4 Micro-SIM Best SIM Only Deals in UK?

Since we are recommending 3 mobile network to have the unlimited data allowance, then the best is to compare all the iPhone 4 micro-sim deals:

1. The One Plan SIM Only for 1 month rolling contract giving you 2000 minutes any time any network + 5000 UK texts + 5000 3 to 3 calls + All-you-can-eat-data (Unlimited Internet) for £25 a month

2. SIM 300 on a 1 month rolling contract giving you 100 minutes + 5000 texts + 1GB internet allowance.

There are more SIM cards available and the best option for unlimited data allowance for iPhone 4 is the 3 mobile network “The One Plan”, iPhone 4 micro-sim giving you all the data you need for your smartphone. All-you-can-eat-data plans do truly come with complete unlimited internet and if you want a piece of mind when using your smartphone phone then you can totally trust on 3 mobile network.

Best SIM Only Deals for iPhone 4 Micro SIM with Unlimited Data Allowance

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