£5 SIM Only Deals – Best SIM Only Deals in the Market

If you have been into pay as you go package for so long then it’s time to get into pay monthly contract as it could start to save you over period of time. In pay as you go you do not have accurate account of as to what you top-up per month and if you sit down and do the maths you will find that you probably spend more than a pay monthly contract. £5 SIM Only Deals are the cheapest and the best sim only deals in the market.

What Makes £5 SIM Only Deals the Best SIM Only Contract?

When you made you decision to move into a pay monthly contract, then the best advisable option is to get into a 12 months contract rather than 24 months contract with a free phone.

There are also 1 month rolling contract from various UK mobile networks such as 3 mobile, T-Mobile and Orange where you are only contracted with the network on a monthly basis. You are required to give 30 days prior notice to stop the contract.

The £5 SIM only deals are available from 3 mobile network on two price price plans either on a texter or on an internet sim only.
Texter Plan:
1000 UK texts
+ Free voicemail
Cost – £5.11 (1 month rolling contract)

Internet Plan:
2GB Internet Allowance
+ Free voicemail
Cost – £5.11 (1 month rolling contract)

Unlimited Internet:
2000 minutes any time any network
+ 5000 UK texts
+ 5000 3 to 3 calls
+ All you can eat data (unlimited internet)
+ Free voicemail
+ Free Skype to Skype calls
+ Free Internet Tethering, to use Internet on your laptop/computer
Cost – £25 (1 month rolling contract)

Are There any Other Plans than £5 SIM Only Deals from 3 Mobile?

Yes, there are other sim only deals apart from the £5 SIM only deals from 3 mobile network. This all depends on your tariff requirements, some needs more minutes while others need more texts and some only needs sim only with unlimited internet.

Who Needs £5 SIM Only Deals and Why it is Best?

SIM only deals has its own benefits, learn the 10 benefits of best sim only deals 2011 where we have helped you to understand why you should consider 3 sim only deals on a 1 month rolling contract and also on a 12 months contract.

If you are considering to test a network coverage and its service then sim only is the best alternative. Make sure you sign up on to a one month rolling contract rather than 12 months so that if you are unhappy with the network coverage or the service then you can cancel and move on to the next best network.

Also if you are visiting UK for a very short period of time say 3 to 6 months then 3 mobile sim only deals are the best option as you can terminate a month before you leave the country.

One of the most important factor in £5 SIM Only Deals and 3 mobile sim only deals is that it allow you to use Skype voice calls for free with any 3G enabled handsets. Simply purchase the 3 sim only deals and insert into your 3G enabled handset, download and install Skype-on-3 and you are ready to make cheap and free international calls.


£5 SIM Only Deals   Best SIM Only Deals in the Market

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