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As per every Friday we have Top 5 Mobiles update and this week we have decided to bring out the best sim only deals in the market. There are 5 major UK networks – 3 Mobiles, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and O2. There are other MVNO’s but we would like to look at the major networks. Among them 3 SIM Only deals give you the best of both – service and save money.

Why 3 SIM Only is the Best in the Market?

There are over hundreds of deals in the market from all the major networks and the MVNO’s but to be the best of it, the 3 sim only packages are divided into texter, talker, internet, advanced user, landline only and international callers.

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So, the UK people needs a sim only deal that has a mixture of all of it. The package that gives you total freedom and stress free option when needed. The One Plan from 3 sim only packages is one of the best sim only deals that is the talk of the town.

The One Plan gives you:
2000 minutes anytime any network
+ 5000 3 to 3 calls
+ 5000 UK texts
+ All you can eat data (Unlimited Internet with no fair use policy)
+ Free Voicemail
+ Free Skype calls
+ Free Facebook access
+ Free Twitter access
all on a 1 month rolling contract for £25 a month, perfect for the 3G enabled smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 4S, HTC Sensations, Nokia X7, Samsung Galaxy S2 and many more. As you have all you can eat data, now you no longer have any worries of getting higher bills because of exceeding your data allowance.

Are there other 3 SIM Only Packages than The One Plan?

As 3 mobile sim only deals are divided into many categories, there are 1 month rolling contracts and 12 month fixed contract. On the 1 month rolling contract and 12 month 3 sim only contract you get fixed 3000 UK texts + 1GB internet allowance along with voice minutes according to the price plan.

When you sign up for 1 month rolling contract you pay slightly more in price than the 12 months contract give you more minutes for less price on the 12 months. If you are a visitor in UK and will be staying here for few months then the 1 month rolling contract would be your best choice.

Recommended 3 SIM Only Package?

We at Top 5 Mobiles look at the cheapest and best sim only deals and compare the best deals for you. We recommend 3 SIM Only deals are the best in the market because 3 Mobile being the largest 3G network in UK with almost 98% coverage along with all-you-can-eat data makes the best possible package along with best experience on the internet.

The One Plan 1 month rolling contract is the Best SIM Only Deal among the UK mobile networks giving you the highest minutes possible with unlimited internet, free texts and free calls to 3.


3 SIM Only Deals with Unlimited Internet   Top 5 Mobiles Update

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